The Arts


Special Areas of Ministry

​Preaching Ministry & Retreat


Houses of Prayer



  • Nicholas Baxter, OFM

  • Larry Nickels, OFM


Senior Friar Care

  • John Dombrowski, OFM 

  • John Abts, OFM

  • OFM Jack Hardesty, OFM

Peace, Justice and Mission

​Franciscan Peace Center


Friars in the Missions

  • Jesus Aguire Garza, OFM - Republic of Congo, Africa.

  • Jeff Haller, OFM - Thailand.

  • Joe Tan Nguyen, OFM - Vietnam.

  • Kenneth Capalbo, OFM - Vietnam.

  • Damien Isabel, OFM - South Sudan, Africa.

Ministry to Native Americans and Athabascan Indians



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